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The unit was developed by a group of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) students together with a Sai family on July 18, 1996. Initially bhajan were the main activity. Eventually, under well guidance and inspiration of the Larkin Centre, the unit stretched out its wings.

The first wing that blossomed was the EHV Classes. There were about 15 EHV students, then. Though small at quantity, it was a motivating factor for the gurus to polish up their teaching methods gradually. This wing now, has not only delivered a couple of well-trained EHV gurus for the nation but has also catered many children with basic spiritual knowledge and human values.

After 3 years of conducting bhajan at Uncle Mahendran’s house, the committee decided to shift to a rented premise nearby. The physical shifting of the unit was accompanied by a paradigm shift in all the activities organised. Swami showered lots of opportunities to do service and opened many roads for the unit to move forward with community service programmes.

The Free Tuition Programme, part of the SAI 2 project, was initiated at the unit itself. After 2 years, now the programme is still going on smoothly. The SSEHV classes currently has 72 students and stated as the highest number among the Larkin Centre’s, EHV Units. As for the Teen Youth Classes, it was started this year and we are looking ahead for an expansion, in the quantity of students and the quality of the teaching methods in the near future.

On top of this, Swami offered another challenging project, which is the National Schools Human Values Classes. Today the Youths of Taman U, together with Larkin’s, are conducting the Human Values Classes for about 500 students at Sek. Men. Taman Universiti and about 220 students at Sek. Men. Mutiara Rini.

The weekly bhajans on Saturdays evenings, ends with the Study Circle sessions, where most of the centre devotees take part actively. Besides bhajans and study circles, there are also regular prayer sessions conducted on Thursday mornings to promote spiritual sadhana amongst the devotees .Other service activities like the Blood Donation Drive, Shelter Project, Distribution of Old Clothes, Orphanage Visits are being conducted regularly on quarterly basis.

The Taman U Bhajan Unit is unique, for it carries a majority of devotees whom are Youths. The committee members, from the Chairman to all other co-ordinators are youths aged 21-27. Some of the Youths come from various centres in Malaysia. The unit provides a friendly, loving and warm environment for all, especially for some youths who have left their respective centre’s due to studies or carrier. Anyway, the greatest miracle here is most of them came into the Sai fold starting from here at Taman U.

The Taman U Bhajan Unit is a good training ground for Youths, as there lies ample of opportunities to discover their hidden talent and skills. Let us pray and hope that all the Youths here will excel in every endeavour and right action that they uptake. May all the experiences and knowledge gained through being part of an activity lead to transformation of the self..

For the Youths out there wherever you are, keep focusing on Swami and grab all the opportunity now, to serve Him. Always ask within , how can I serve Him better…this is the methodology used here at the Taman Universiti Bhajan Unit in marching Towards Sai Excellence…and trust us….it works gloriously with Swami’s grace !