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The service wing of this bhajan unit has always strived on providing service of need. It works closely with the service wing of the Larkin Centre. Some of the activities done annually are Narayana Seva, Blood Donation & Organ Donation Pledge Campaign, Shelter Project, distribution of old clothes to orphanages and old folks homes and free tuition for secondary school students.
One of the main objectives of the wing is to enhance the awareness among the devotees on the importance of providing selfless service to the needy and its signifance. While providing service to the needy, the activities also provide an avenue for the devotees especially the youths to increase their skills during seva activities such as Shelter Project and Blood Donation Campaign.
It has always been the foresight of this wing to provide the avenues and means for the devotees of this centre to participate in seva activities. By doing this we hope that the devotees will be able to heed Bhagawan’s call that “Service to Mankind is Service to God’.


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