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Youth is the stage of life where self control and self effort are most needed and least exercised.
Sathya Sai Speaks Vol .X

The Youth Wing was established in the mid-1997 in order to cultivate self control, self effort, self motivation and faith in the value of seva among the youth. The necessary enthusiasm and encouragement must be generated among them. This is being done by exposing them into the real life throughout the various minor and major activities that carried out from time to time. The activities of youth wing are as bellow :

Newsletter which is named Sai O' Sai ( Sound of Sai ), is published every three months. Sai O' Sai was launched at 23rd November 1997 during Bhagawan's 72nd birthday celebration. It consists of Sai messages, personal experiences, articles, Sai jokes and succeeding activities.                                             

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Home page has been set up especially for the devotees who are away from the centre. This could enable them to keep in touch with centre's current activities and progress.                                             

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The Sai Games is held every year in the month of December at Batu Pahat, Johore. The games include soccer, badminton, volleyball and etc.