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NEWS: End of July - 20th August 2003


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Taman U Centre Anniversary , July 19th 2003

 This year, the 7th Anniversary Celebrations of our unit was held on the 19th of July. It was a grand occasion as an unexpected crowd of nearly 200 devotees turned up for the event. There were so many people seated outside that we had to open up the fencing of the neighbouring house. There were bhajans followed by EHV students in a dress up show on various gurus in conjunction with Gurupoornima, youth drama entitled Ď Mind Your Valuesí and the launching of the all new Larkin & Taman U integrated website. Uncle Govindan, the State Coordinator gave a motivating speech and later launched the website. The event ended with serving of dinner & prasadam. See the pictures by clicking on the link above...


School Motivation Camp

Date  :  26 & 27th July 2003

Venue: Sekolah Menengah Mengkibol, Kluang, Johor


A two day motivation camp was held at a secondary school at Kluang, Johor. Around 60 students comprising from Secondary 3 to Secondary 5 students participated in this camp. We had about 6 speakers and 4 facilitators conducting this camp. Among the sessions and workshops covered at the camp were Mind Dynamics, Goal Setting, Time Management, Music & Creativity, Towards Academic and Character Excellence and Team Building. Towards the finale of the camp we had Parents Appreciation Session together with parents of the students. Overall this camp was a success as the students showed enthusiasm and appreciation as the sessions had proved to be a great help to them in realising and fulfilling their roles.


Bhajan Workshop (Joint Activity)

Date  :  2 August 2003

Venue: Taman Universiti Bhajan Unit

Time  : 9.30 a.m.

 The bhajan workshop was held at Tmn Universiti Bhajan Unit (continuation of the previous workshop) at 9.30 a.m. A medium crowd of twenty people attended this workshop. It began with a short introduction on the previous workshop which touched on components of shruthi and thaal. This bhajan workshop was divided into two sessions which were singing aid part 1 and singing aid part 2. The components discussed in singing aid part 1 were voice care, bhajan practice source which are available for singers, breathing techniques, sitting position, warm up techniques, singers mind set, and discipline guidelines for lead singers. In singing aid part 2, the components touched were PA system, singing style, sitting position, voice control and projection: throat (half throat, full throat), nose: avoid false singing, and stomach), and imitation of style ( not encouraged).The workshop was continued with  a short questions answer session which carried on for 30 minutes. The participants were given a short tea break in between the two sessions. The workshop ended at 12.45p.m.


Service Activity (Joint Activity)

Date    : 16th  August 2003

Venue : Saleng Home

Time   : 3 to 5.30 pm


In conjunction with the 7th anniversary of Tmn Universiti Bhajan Unit, a service activity was conducted (joint) at the Saling Home on Saturday (16 August 2003). The team was divided into 3 groups where the first group (sisters) cleaned the girlís dorm, while the second group (brothers) cleaned the boys dorm and the rest did a small landscaping project by planting a few small plants at the entrance of the Home. At 5 pm, all the children were gathered at the canteen for a get together session. The children enjoyed themselves playing musical chair and the open dance floor. Though there were only 13 of us who attended this service activity, yet the joy it brought to us sharing our time with the children was truly a blessing and an enjoyable experience. The residents of the home enjoyed our visit and look forward for more fun activities in the future.


Jamming Session

Date   : 3rd  August 2003

Venue: Majidee Park JB

Time: 10 a.m.

A short jamming session was held at Bro Vimalís house on 3rd August  2003 (informal session) as Bro Ravi was down and wanted to share a few things regarding bhajans and a  few new songs. The session was attended by a small group of us from (larkin and tmn universiti). The session ended at 12.30 p.m.



Gurupoornima 2003


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Guruís Meeting



Mon, 1st  September 7.00 pm
Kempas Durgai Amman Temple









Sun, 7th September 6.30 am
Kempas Durgai Amman Temple






Onam Celebration



Sun, 7th September 7.30pm
SSSBC Larkin






Temple Bhajans



Fri, 12th September, 8pm
Kempas Durgai Amman Temple






EHV Sports Day



Sun, 21st September
*venue: to be confirmed






Navarathiri [Start]



Fri, 26th September 
Kempas Durgai Amman Temple






Shridi Saiís Birthday



Tue, 19th September  8pm
SSSBC Larkin






Internal Sadhana Camp



Sun, 28th September
*venue: to be confirmed









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